"We had the most enjoyable and wonderful time at Disney this year thanks to all the help that Victoria provided. We got to enjoy Disney over Christmas and honestly the amount of people that were going to be there raised my anxiety level but the very first moment we met Victoria all of that was put to ease. She was so helpful and knowledgeable of the parks. The children loved her. My husband and I were able to sneak away to ride the adult rides and explore Epcot child free. We made wonderful memories and I am so thankful to Victoria for everything! We most definitely will call upon her services the next time we are in Orlando!"
-Nicole S.
Schraw Family Collage


"I was a little apprehensive about using an online sitter service while on vacation but we had scheduled time our "Extra Hands" in the park to get to know them beforehand. When we met Meghan, we immediately felt at ease. It was apparent that she enjoyed the company of our two kids (ages 1 and 3) as much as they enjoyed her. We had a great time in the park, Meghan leading the way as we are Disney novices, and had a great worry-free night out knowing that the kids were in good hands. We will be requesting Meghan on our next trip for sure!"

-Karen S. 

Meghan Family



"Victoria took care of my children so that my husband and I could celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. She gave us a worry-free night. Look forward to visiting Florida again and pray that she will be available then too!"

-Renee M.



“Sydney was awesome!!! Couldn't have been more helpful! Going into the park with three littles was a breeze as she set everything up for us in advance, including fastpasses, and we just followed along! Thanks so much for your great service”

-Erin D.

sydney magic kingdom edit



"Hello!! We are just getting back home from our wonderful vacation to Florida! I just wanted to express our deepest gratitude towards CONNER and the services you all provide! CONNER was simply amazing!! We cannot believe how easily he incorporated himself into our chaotic family and made it so easy for us to get around the theme parks! We have 4 year old twins and an 8 year old. With CONNER guiding the way and providing such wonderful entertainment and care with the kids, I am amazed at how much we were able to pack in (especially for my older child!). They were even fighting over who got to ride with him!!! I am also very touched by how he went above and beyond his role by constantly looking out for ways to make things easy for me or my husband. He took such great care of us, as the parents, as well! He definitely was the perfect match for our family! CONNER definitely made our trip to Disney World magical! We thank you!"

-Jaime P.



"We are Disney Frequenters but this year was our first trip with 3 kids and it proved to be challenging. Our travel agent told us about Helping Hands and we were nervous but gave it a go. We had a sitter (Brynne) come with us in the park to help with our baby so we could ride with the older 2 . She was far better than I ever expected. She was so professional and anticipated our needs and helped without prompting. She knew all about the park and had lots of tips and short cuts that we didn't know about even though we have been 6 times in the last few years. I could not have been happier and it reduced our stress so much. We highly recommend this company and especially Brynne if you need help while in Orlando!"
-Laura G. 


"This service was fantastic. I was traveling to the Disney Resorts to present at a national conference. The only way I was able to go was to bring my 5 month old baby with me for the trip. We had the pleasure of working with Jasmine during our stay. At first I was unsure about leaving my daughter with a stranger, but I easily became comfortable with Jasmine. She is such a caring and responsible person. Although my young baby was quite fussy being in a new place, Jasmine was soflexible and responsive to the situation. She stayed with my baby and I throughout the afternoon and helped in whatever way she could. She even went to the conference and was ready to take a crying baby if needed. Beyond her professionalism, she was very personable and just a great person to be around. I would highly recommend Extra Hands and specifically Jasmine if you need childcare away from home. We’re looking forward to using Extra Hands again in the future when my family goes to Disney for vacation!"

-Alicia I.


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"We are huge fans of Disney for all ages. When we come down we normally stay for 10 days or more. This trip we were here for 14 days and utilized Victoria's services 7 days. She got right in with our family. Victoria has an exceptional personality that works great with the kids and even better with adults. We had several days in the parks with her and my husband had several date nights. This made the difference and made this our best vacation yet. We already have her booked for Jan. 2016. Our family wishes Victoria could come home with us to be our full-time babysitter. We hope your trip is great but hiring Victoria makes it truly magical!"

-Amanda N. 

Nells family


"I just want to say that Lydia was excellent. She was extremely punctual and was a real asset in navigating the parks. Lydia was brilliant with Finn and he took to her straight away, he was being very grumpy and Lydia was great at calming him down. She is a lovely person and very easy to talk with and I can't praise her highly enough."

-Karen D.

London, UK


"I just wanted to let you know that this was our 2nd time using Extra Hands and we will never go to Disney without using you! We had Kelly and Conner and they were both wonderful. My kids are sometimes shy around new people, but it didn't take them long to open up around them. We loved having the sitters in the park and being able to go on date night while the kids had fun in the room. Will definitely be contacting you again for our trip next year!"
-Annie A.


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your help over the last 3 weeks, whilst we have been holidaying in Orlando. You made our trip much easier and hassle-free – we will definitely use your service again! It was great to have such patient, well-trained caregivers and really made our vacation (parents don’t often get a real holiday, but you all made us feel like we could actually relax!) We only had one park trip (the rest was daily in-home care) but I would say that for any family looking for someone to make the parks stress-free, Extra Hands caregivers were wonderful (no arguing about who will get on the rides, or where to go next!) The caregivers help with planning the day, our caregiver even booked a fastpass for her and our daughter for one of the popular kiddie rides that we just couldn't get (70 min wait times). They push the stroller, keep the kids occupied whilst we go on the "grown up" rides, know short cuts and how to make the most of even a few hours at the park. You all made our holiday very special: Jasmine - thank you for all the painting nails and patience! Marisa - thank you for listening to our daughter’s never ending chatter and being her swimming partner! Katelyn – thank you for being so in tune with our daughter’s needs and for arranging such a fabulous Royal lunch for our little one - she didn't stop smiling all day! Caroline - thank you for your patience, your laughter and keeping our little one busy almost all day!! All our caregivers really knew how to keep our daughter happy and entertained, which meant we could focus on getting work done so we could enjoy our afternoons together. We hope that you are all available next time we are in Orlando - thank you all and wishing you a wonderful holiday season!
The Kebbell Family

-Christina K. 

United Kingdom

Brynne was awesome!! Our kids fell in love with her from the get go! She was so helpful at Disney!! She knew her way around and it was great to have an extra hand with the kids!! We are a family of 5 so to have an even number was huge! Plus our daughter wasn't big enough for some of the rides so she stayed with her while we rode with our boys. To have someone to stay with kids while we got food or take one to the bathroom, it was amazing! She was worth every penny and honestly made our trip a lot less stress free! We were all sad to say goodbye to her. She definitely felt like one of the family! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with little kids. If we make another trip we will be using them again! Thanks Brynne for an amazing trip!!
-Holly S.




"Marisa and Victoria have taken excellent care of our two very busy little boys on the last 3 trips we have come to Orlando! They are fantastic and I have complete confidence leaving my children in their care. It is so awesome to have trustworthy, kind, fun, and child focused help when you come on vacation and to visit family. My husband and I are so happy we found Extra Hands and these women to help us when we are in town. We are coming back for Easter vacation and will definitely be reaching out. They make coming to Orlando a true vacation for everyone!"

-Allison W.



"We recently visited Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom with our 8 year old and 4 year old twins. I cannot express how wonderful Connor was with our family. He fit right in, would entertain the kids in line, really helped in everyway imaginable. He is a wonderful young man that we hope to have help us again on our next trip. A major bonus is his knowledge of the park, we were always in the right place at the right time. Connor far exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend you consider him when making plans for your next trip!!!"

-Jeff P.



"Sarah was such a joy and a blessing to our family! As a mom of two year old twins, it's pretty amazing that I can say that my husband and I were able to finish an entire meal since Sarah was there to help them along. We were able to get through our list of rides much faster than anticipated with her help and guidance and I feel like we've been spoiled!"

-Eileen K. 


"We were so happy with how Victoria corresponded with us, and how she took care of our wonderful 3 year old twins! She was prompt, so friendly and accommodating with our particular wishes, and the kids loved her. I cannot more highly recommend her. She helped to make our vacation magical."

-Nathan H.



"We just got back from a wonderful trip to Disney World and were lucky to have Caroline as our vacation nanny for our 3 kids (ages 3,2, and 7 months). It was so nice to have a few nights to go out to dinner at Epcot while Caroline took care of the kids at the resort. It was also amazing to have her go with us to the parks so we could ride things while she watched the sleeping baby in the stroller, played with the kids, etc. and just having her park expertise helped our vacation immensely. I would not take a vacation to Disney World without Extra Hands!"

-Annie A. 



"Jasmine was fantastic! She was punctual, friendly and most importantly the kids loved her! They were talking about her this morning saying that they "miss their au pair from Disney." Unfortunately on the last night she was watching the kids one of my boys got sick and she was great about letting me know what happened, assuring me he was ok and cleaning up. Total professional. If she lived by us I'd hire her full time in a second."

-Megan Kelly



"I have never used an online service for childcare before, much less for vacations so needless to say I was apprehensive. All I can say is that every expectation was exceeded by leaps and bounds! From the moment Taylor introduced herself to the girls, they wanted to be her best friends. Not only was she great at caring for them at our resort, but she was an amazing asset in the parks! She always seemed to know the quickest routes, had info about all the rides and restaurants, knew which rides have low waits at what times, and ALWAYS knew where we could find the closest bathroom which is so important with kids. We truly appreciated everything she contributed to our vacation and we will absolutely be seeing her next year!"

-Denisse S. 

New Jersey


"Victoria was a gem. She worked with us for two days while we were visiting Disney. She managed two children (1 month old and one year old) all while showing us around Disney like a pro. I highly recommend her. She is reliable, trustworthy and is excellent with the children."

-Andrina Z.
"We loved having Katelyn accompany us on our recent visit to Disney! We have two small kids so when we found out about Extra Hands we knew it would help us have a smooth, stress-free vacation. Katelyn knew her way around the parks which was a big help for us as we would have spent more time looking at park maps without her! She also knew info about Park services, parades, show times, etc and had knowledge of typical wait times for attractions. She was great with our kids and they enjoyed having her with us! She did it all, from staying with the youngest when he didn't meet the height requirements for a ride to taking our oldest on rides at his request to pushing our stroller in a rain storm at Epcot! Katelyn was awesome!"
-Jessica C. 

"We hired Victoria to watch our then 4 month old daughter while we were in town on a business trip. We felt very comfortable leaving her with Victoria. She was great with our daughter and even sent us pics during the day which put a smile on my face. Would definitely use her again when back in town!"
-Melanie H.


"We spent 4 awesome days with Victoria while my youngest 2 kids (3 and 1) and I were at Disney. My husband couldn't come and I knew I needed help navigating the park with two little ones. I immediately felt comfortable with Victoria from our e-mails. The fact that she has a pass is awesome (other services I looked at you had to pay for the person's ticket and they couldn't guarantee the same person each day and I wanted someone consistent for the kids to get to know). She was able to link her fast passes to ours so I could see them all on the app and change them all when I needed to. She met us each morning at the bus stop at our hotel and was always early. From the first time she met the kids she went out of her way to engage them. My kids can be a handful but that didn't phase her at all. The 3 year old loved her and enjoyed going on rides with her which was nice and allowed me to give the baby the extra attention she needed and give my stomach a break from repeated turns on Star Tours! She was great company and very knowledgeable about the parks and had lots of tips and hints, just ask her about 'Hidden Mickeys'! Now I just need to get back there so we can use her again!"

-Delaney S.

Delaney family 


"We met Victoria two years ago and she came and stayed with us and helped out with our son Christopher. She was absolutely great with Chris and he loved spending time with her. Victoria is very reliable and fun. We really enjoyed having her around to help out those 4 days she spent with us!"

-Aida R.


Read family collage


"Victoria did a great job for us as my wife and I had dinner alone at disney. The kids loved her."

-Bob Z.



"My husband, daughter and I visit Orlando every year. This year we invited our friends and their families to come with us. I used Victoria and her team of lovely ladies almost everyday we were there! All of the ladies were wonderful with the children (we had over 7 children, yikes!). They took them to the pool, played games, Wii and just kept them entertained all day everyday while the adults had the opportunity to enjoy some time to themselves. Lyndsay, Natalia, Katelyn and Victoria were all so awesome. I would highly recommend the company and all of ladies above! 5 stars and I will be using them every year from now on!!"

-Tashia M.

South Carolina

natalia tashia



"Victoria was AMAZING with our 7 yr old while in Orlando! She was very engaged & took excellent care of him! We visit O-town often! We will see you again Victoria!"

-Dana M.





"Victoria was fantastic! I found her on Care.com and hired her because of her excellent reviews. She did not disappoint, and we felt comfortable leaving our daughter with her immediately. My only regret was that we did not use her earlier in our vacation! It was so nice to be able to get away and do adult things knowing that our daughter was in good hands. We will be recommending her to our friends who visit the area, and are definitely going to call her again the next time we go!"

-Colleen G.


"I had the pleasure of Victoria joining my boys and myself on may 3 and 4 at MK and HS. She was awesome and the boys loved her. She was a huge help and made those 2 days stressfree for me. I wouldn't hesitate to refer Victoria to anyone needing an extra hand. I would certainly love to have her join us on our next trip."

-Tracy R. 

New York


"These girls were amazing. We had two different caregivers (Marisa and Katelyn) and loved both of them. Couldn't recommend them more highly."

Polly M.



"You can instantly tell that Victoria is simply a good person with a caring heart. I would highly recommend her to anyone that needs someone to care for their children."

-Jess L.


"Victoria spent 7 days in late June/Early July 2014 with my family, which includes my 3 1/2 year old triplet boys. She was great with them! They would ask every morning... "When is Toria coming??" Victoria was very reliable & punctual, a couple of times literally running through a park or area to make sure that she was there when she said she would be. She was great getting the boys to eat their meals when they were giving us a hard time! She used games & fun to get them to do what was needed so we could move on to the rides and activities in the parks. She also helped us out by stopping at the department store to pick up some items we needed (we didn't have a car). My husband has a back problem & without her we would not have been able to see Disney with our boys like we did! We are very grateful that we found such a great person to spend our vacation with! We are planning on visiting WDW again in about two years. We are definitely going to look up Victoria for any babysitting/companion needs that we have!"

-Michele S.

Shedarowich Family Collage

"Victoria was fantastic in helping sit my two daughters in the evenings at our resort while on vacation. I would absolutely recommend her, and hire her again!"

-Brian P.

North Carolina


"We enjoyed four days with Lydia during our trip to Disney. She was a great help in the parks when we weren't exactly sure which rides were best suited for the kids or what all was available. She currently works in Disney so it really felt like we were getting VIP treatment with all of the little in's and out's, tips and tricks she had shown us. The kids really enjoyed her company and we did too!"

-Deborah H.



"Victoria did a great job with my 3 children. They immediately liked her and looked forward to her coming the next couple of days. She was great at finding fun things to keep them occupied while we were in meetings."

-Melanie P.
South Dakota


"Initially we were nervous about hiring someone online to help us in the theme parks during our trip to Florida but with 5 children to two parents, dinner out has always felt like an impossibility much less than a crowded theme park with so much stimulation. Lyndsay really exceeded our expectations and made it possible for everyone to relax and enjoy our time as a family. Just being there to share responsibilities such as helping with tickets and fastpasses, bathroom breaks and mealtimes. I am so thrilled to have found such a helpful and agreeable person to join us while we were down."

-Elaine V.



"Victoria was a great sitter for our three children in our group. We had a 3, 5, and 11 year old in our group, and Victoria did a great job entertaining them both at Hollywood Studios as well as at our hotel one night. She was very professional, punctual, as well as kid friendly. We had hired her to assist at the park so that we would feel comfortable leaving her with our children for the next night. Both sets of parents were pleasantly surprised to see each of our children connecting with her in different ways. We felt our children were in great hands when we had a late night out. Thank you Victoria for your services we greatly enjoyed our adult time with no worries."

-Lori B.

Lori Family 

"Victoria was wonderful with our two little girls. We were thrilled to feel comfortable leaving them with her and knowing they would be happy and safe. She handled some long days without complaint and was extremely reliable and punctual. I will definitely look her up next time we are in the Orlando area. You are wonderful, Victoria!"

-Martha M.


"Extra Hands is a fantastic and unique service that is extremely valuable to families coming to Orlando that plan to visit the theme parks or would like to enjoy a date night knowing that their children are in safe, capable hands. I highly, highly recommend this service. You won't be disappointed." 

-DeAnne T.



"Victoria met us at a water park to help care for my 10 year old son who has severe delays and disabilities. Victoria was absolutely fantastic. Not only did she have the experience and ease needed to care for our son, she was on-time (beat us), willing to take on any task needed, sweet and so nice to hang out with for the day. Our son was well cared for and had a fun day that we wouldn't have been able to easily manage along with our other two children at a water park. It was truly one of the best experiences we had on our vacation. Thank you! Let us know if you are ever in California."



"Taylor was so sweet to my 6 year old twins while caring for them at our resort. The girls were extremely enthusiastic when telling my husband and I about their night the next morning. She had all of the knowledge of the hotel grounds to keep them busy. They had played at a game center, went swimming, roasted marshmallows and watched movies on an outdoor screen until it was time for bed. Taylor kept me informed with text and pictures so I knew what my kids were up to and we could really appreciate our adult time without feeling guilty about our girls being at the resort. They had a great time and we will absolutely use Extra Hands again!"

-Angelina W.




"My husband and I hired Victoria on our recent trip to Orlando (March 8-15) to care for our 9 month old as well as 5 year old. One of the days she met us at Disney, provided us with information, guidance as well as fun throughout the park. It was very helpful to have someone there that knew the ropes!! She was eager to get involved with the kids and not shy at all; Victoria went on some rides with our 5 year old while my husband and I stayed behind with our baby and she also offered to stay with the baby so that we could go on rides that he couldn't. Our children LOVED Victoria and I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone! Thank you Victoria!!!"

-Shawna B.


"We hired Victoria to watch my kids (11 and 7) on a recent trip to Disney World so my husband and I could have a dinner date. She was wonderful. My kids really enjoyed hanging out with her. They felt they were too old for the kids club and wanted the freedom to hang out at the resort to swim and do all the other activities. She had great communication and flexibility with our schedule and I would not hesitate to hire her again. My kids even requested more date nights!"

-Kris S.

kris family


"Victoria is Awwwwesome!!! I will definitely rehire her when we head down to Orlando again. My kids loved her and she was able to keep up with them and keep them entertained while my husband and I went out for an anniversary date night. She also kept me posted which was great and reassuring. She arrived at our resort promptly which I love and she is very courteous and professional. Great communication before, during and after care. She is very mature and has her priorities straight. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER."

-Eva O.


"We had traveled to the Orlando area this past November as an early Christmas gift to our girls. Prior to our arrival, Katelyn arranged for a stroller rental to be brought to our hotel, and took care of some grocery shopping so our hungry girls could eat once we landed, and met us at our hotel for check-in. She accompanied us into the Disney parks, and was a huge help with age appropriate activity planning. Aside from all of the great perks of hiring her, we found that she was just a really sweet person that meshed well with our family. Can't wait to visit again, we will definitely be giving her a call. Thanks Katelyn!"

-Danielle T.


"We visited Orlando for a week long trip and needed a date night babysitter. Victoria said yes! So glad she did! We were able to go out and enjoy ourselves while she took our children around the resort swimming, to the arcade, for ice cream and back to the room to bed! She also ordered pizza for the kids and made sure they took baths! She texted me while out to reassure me all was well. Victoria was great! Professional, prompt with a great disposition. Our kids loved her. Thank you Victoria for helping us!"


New York


"We came to Orlando for a vacation with our 4 girls and needed a babysitter for a couple of nights. I was nervous because I had never used an online childcare site before, but Victoria was wonderful! My girls loved her and were so excited she got to come back for a second night! She is very professional and punctual and finds fun things to do with the kids. We will definitely be giving her a call again when we are back in the area. She is great! Thanks Victoria for putting our minds at ease about our little girls when we were away!"

-Monica W.
North Carolina


"Victoria spent two weeks with our family in a combo of "live in" and "live out" depending on our needs. She accompanied us to theme parks and watched our active boys so my husband and I could enjoy some time off. She immediately felt like family and my boys are still asking about her. Has made us spoiled that we can't find anyone like her at home. Guess it's time to plan another family vacation. Thanks so much Victoria!"

-Brenda G.


"I wish she didn't live so far away because I would love to see her more than twice a year for vacations! She keeps the kids engaged and occupied and we found that she fit comfortably into our family during our Orlando visit. She made our vacation that much better! Thank you, Katelyn!"

-Angela B.


"Victoria did an excellent job, I was taking 3 boys all aged 7 to the amusement park by myself and needed help, she showed up not only on time but early. She is awesome with kids and is super friendly, she always makes sure that the kids come first! She did a fantastic job, even when my schedule changed and I needed her longer she had already set aside extra time to be with us just in case, also she gives great helpful insight and is always enthusiastic about everything. Just always there to help and just be a wonderful person and great listener. Also she fails to mention she has an annual pass to the amusement park so she can get in for free to help out! Really helps on the budget. Also she takes wonderful photographs! Thanks Victoria!"

-Sonnie K.
South Korea

kim family collage

"Victoria was a fantastic nanny for our son while vacationing in Orlando. Our son enjoyed his time spent with her and we couldn't be happier. We hope she will be available when we return. Thanks again!"

-Frank R.

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