In-Park Assistance


Vacation is meant to feel likeā€¦ a vacation! Navigating parks, delegating fastpasses, and trying to keep your kids occupied in a hot theme park line is no easy task. In the midst of that pixie dust induced chaos is where our in-park professionals shine! Equipped with annual passes and knowledge of the parks, rides, height requirements, fastpass systems, restaurants and so on, having an extra set of hands and a capable guide can really save you time, energy and money!


In-Park Helpers can assist with:


      • Transportation via shuttle, car, monorail, and ferry
      • Bag-check points and park entry
      • Navigating the parks and locating rides, bathrooms, first aid and baby care centers.
      • Planning age appropriate rides for children based on height, age and temperament.
      • Taking photos so no one in your family gets stuck behind the camera
      • Mealtimes so parents can finish eating too
      • Sitting off with a child if the party would like to experience a ride or show that is too intense or the child doesn't yet meet the height requirement
      • Riding with the child if parent would like to sit off
      • Holding a spot in the line
      • Pushing strollers and carrying diaper bags
      • Bathroom breaks


Our in-park family helpers are right there with you to share all of the work that goes into producing the perfect Disney vacation. All services are contingent on a parent being present, working together hand and hand. Caregivers are not obligated to accompany children into the parks alone. Your children's safety is our top priority.

Unlike other sites, we will put you in contact with your In-Park Assistant before your trip so you are able to discuss the itinerary as well as other information that you feel would benefit the trip.



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In-Room Care


Take an evening to explore the town or run the theme parks on your own, knowing that your children will be having as much fun as you are! Have one of our super sitters care for your children at your resort while you go out for work or play! Available at any time of day to cater to those traveling to the area for conferences and work events, as well as those who need late night availability to enjoy a night on the town!

Our sitters are ready and willing to help with mealtimes, play, bath and bedtime routines. A sitter will meet your at your resort in the lobby or at the designated room at your desired time, present a valid photo ID matching the name presented to you by the dispatcher, talk with you about any special needs, dietary preferences, meals, routines, activities and bedtime. 

You may request that your sitter take your children to participate in activities available at your resort such as walks, playing at play areas, marshmallow roasts, movies under the stars among other fun ways to pass the time while your enjoying yours. 





Local In-Home Care


This is for occasional care for families in the Orlando area. Don't have a routine nanny and need coverage? Maybe your regular sitter backed out and you need someone to step in? Call on one of our skilled sitters to come to your home and care for your children! 





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